Casper Buijtendijk

"As a child, Casper could not stop drawing, but after touching a camera for the first time he fell in love. Without looking back he traded the sketchbook for the silver screen, and got accepted into the Netherlands Film Academy when he was still in high school. There he learned to inspire a crew with his absurd ideas and found his voice as a thoughtful but playful storyteller, always looking to keep the audience on its toes.

During his time at film school Casper developed his skills as a comedic and boundary pushing director, constantly finding new ways to blend oddball story ideas with his love for entertaining storytelling. He loves putting his own spin on what the audience expects, but always tries to find the human heart in whatever crazy project he’s involved in."

Director: Casper Buijtendijk

Producers: Thijme Grol, Julie Janssen, Bettie Warnier

DOP: Daan Bothof