Miriam Guttmann

Fresh out of filmschool Miriam already has a pretty impressive resume. She likes to tell stories trough image; either film or photography.

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Juul Op den Kamp

Juul is without a doubt one of the talented directors out there. Mixing documentary, fiction and commercial she always finds the perfect balance in storytelling.


Jos van Meerveld

It’s Jos! Leading in Storyboard Studios work with already 6 productions over the last year.. Looking for comedy? Looking for speedy thinking and a quick solution? Jos is your guy in this digital age.

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Laurens Smit

Laurens is allround in his game and knows where to look for when it comes to storytelling. His style is diverse, but playful and he's always on the look to capture that perfect story.


Elise Roodenburg

Elise is a creative documentary- and video director with a vibrant, colorful style and a passion for human interest stories.

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Casper Buijtendijk

Casper is one of the new age directors fresh from filmschool. His style is diverse, but edgy and surreal, and he’s always searching for metaphors to strengthen his work.

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Lieve Sonderen

Lieve is a researcher, editor and young director with an anthropological background who's always looking for (un)usual stories around the globe and loves to create concepts that provoke or intrigue.