Miriam Guttmann

Miriam Guttmann has always been interested in what other people perceive as difficult, taboo breaking subjects, and tries to show the human and relatable aspects of those. Through her background as a photographer she has a strong visual focus which also makes her work stand out.

She graduated from the Dutch Film Academy with the film ‘Seeds of Deceit’, which won the award for ‘Best Documentary’ and was selected for the prestigious student competition of IDFA. Previously, Miriam did (related) work for: Jimmy Nelson (known from ‘Before They Pass Away’), and she has appeared in numerous publications in national newspapers and magazines like; Trouw and NRC, New Gup Magazine, Japanese magazine SOTOKOTO Magazine. Miriam has also exhibited her work at: FOAM, Photofestival Naarden, Corrosia, Almere, Double Tree Hilton Hotel Amsterdam.

Client: Marie Jo

Director: Miriam Guttmann

DOP: Aziz Al Dilaimi

Creative Producer: Woolf Franssen

Director: Miriam Guttmann

Producers: Thomas Mataheru, Mathilde Niekamp

DOP: Sjors Mosman